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When you want to buy a car from an auto dealer and ask for a test drive, what do you get?  A ten minute drive around the block?  This can be a risk for what can be a major financial decision.

With AutoOasis it is very different.  Before you decide to take a car on Rent to Own, you can choose to Try Before you Buy an AutoOasis car.

If you interested in taking a car on Rent to Own, you can choose to hire the car for a whole month (at the usual Easy car Leasing rental rates).  After testing the car suits your needs and is in good mechanical condition you can then transfer the contract to a Rent to Own contract - Complete peace of mind!

And the best bit? - If you do decide to take the car on Rent to Own, we will deduct one full months' Rent to Own rental payment from the total amount.

What have you got to lose?

To find out more, contact us - 0034 952 623 297